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Teams at Brex, Bloomberg, Y Combinator and 20 YC-backed companies run on Sidekick.

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Sidekick makes teams feel supported and motivated

Founding teams

"With Sidekick, the difference in feeling like we're all working towards the same goals again is amazing."

Richard, Co-founder in San Francisco

For Founders

Onboarding new hires

"Sidekick was the only way I could onboard my new VP of Sales, and make them feel connected to the team.

Josh, CEO in Los Angeles

For New Hires

Real-time operations coordination

"Sidekick creates the 'situation room' for operations + logistics teams."

Kristine, Head of Operations in Brooklyn

For Ops and CX

Early-stage product leadership

"Early-stage product work is cross-functional, and must be done in real-time."

Davis, Co-founder in SF

For Product

Privacy-first. Always.

Features like Coworking Time, Video Off Mode, and Focus Mode set boundaries.
Privacy on Sidekick

Meet Sidekick

Relationships don't get built in 30-minute 1:1s and Zoom happy hours. See how Sidekick is different:

Built-in coworking sessions

Multiple conversations in the same room

Meeting status

Privacy-centric design

Work together for 3 hours a day

Hang out for a few hours a day while everyone works on their own tasks - we find that 3 hours is the sweet spot!

Sidekick helps organize coworking sessions with calendar events and push notification reminders.

Multiple conversations in the same room

Everyone is muted by default. Tap on a teammate's portrait to speak with them selectively.

Meeting status

Set a meeting status to let your team know that you're unavailable, and when you'll be back in the room.

Privacy-centric design

Just tap to turn off Sidekick during meetings, and when you're done for the day. Tap again to turn on Sidekick. Learn more about how we incorporate privacy here.

How it Works

Free delivery

We ship internationally too!

Hardware is free

You only pay $50/user/month to use Sidekick

Try for 14 days risk-free

If you decide to cancel at the end of the trial, we give you a full refund + cover return costs.

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Life-sized streaming screens that connect hubs of 2+ people to each other. Hybrid teams (remote + in-office) can use both Sidekick and Sidekick HQ on the same channel. Get in touch to learn more.
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