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Introducing Sidekick
to your team

Who is this guide for?

If you're the lead of a team with 5+ people, and you're interested in Sidekick but want to check with your team first.
If you don't need to check with your team, no need to read this guide.

Main takeaways


You don't need the entire team on Sidekick to try it out! Many of our teams start with a few members and grow from there.

e.g. Small startups often begin with the co-founders first

Give an intro to Sidekick at your next team meeting


Send a Slack out to your team's channel and gather the initial trial members

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Start with your most excited teammates

Trying out Sidekick with your team isn't an all-or-nothing decision. Especially for larger teams, you shouldn't try to convince every single person.

Starting with the most excited subset of your team works great because these are the teammates that will be most active and engaged. After a couple weeks, the rest of your team sees how much fun it is and will want to join.

Check out what happened at the Mercury team here.

Intro Sidekick at your weekly team meeting

At your next weekly team meeting, add Sidekick as an agenda item. You'll get the most interest if you frame Sidekick as something you're personally excited to try.
  • I'm really excited to try out Sidekick for our team to help us connect, bond and get to know each other, especially since a bunch of us have never met in person.
  • It's a new device that runs a video call in the background to feel like we're hanging out in the same room. It's not always on, we'll set up Coworking Sessions for a few hours a week.
  • It's not mandatory, and you can turn your video off whenever. Only join the Coworking Session if you're down to hang out!
  • 1-month free trial, up to us if we want to keep using it after!
  • I'll send a Slack out after this call with next steps. If you're interested, please respond there.
Field any questions the team has (most common listed later in this page).

You may want to screenshare these resources:

Demo Video on the homepage ->
Blogpost and fun user photos about our mission ->
Photos and quotes from Mercury case study ->

Send a Slack to gather interest

Send a quick Slack message to your team's channel to gather the folks that want to try out Sidekick. Here's a template you can use:
Hey team! Following up from our weekly sync - I'm excited to try out Sidekick with ya'll (https://sidekick.video/)!

Blurb: "Sidekick is a new device built to bring remote teams closer together. Teams use Sidekick a few hours a week to hang out like we're back at the office".

React with a 👍 if you're down to get a Sidekick and try it out with us for a few weeks.
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We've also found sharing these two posts to be really helpful. You can thread your Slack post with these links:
  • About our mission: here
  • Photos + quotes from Mercury's customer story: here

After you gather the interested folks, start your free trial:

Start free 1-month trial

Questions your team might ask

Does Sidekick record any video or audio?
No, Sidekick never records any video or audio. Check out our privacy page.
Is it always running a video? Is it going to be spying into my apartment all the time?
Nope, we're going to set up Coworking Sessions for a few hours on Mon, Wed and Fri. It's not mandatory to join, and you can turn off your video if you need as well.
Do I have to join every Coworking Session?
Totally opt-in. If you're feeling under the weather, stressed with work or just don't want to hang out, totally cool to skip.
Do I have to turn my video on during the Coworking Session?
Nope, if you need to turn the video off for whatever reason, feel free to do so.
Won't this just cause more Zoom fatigue?
Most Zoom fatigue comes from how you have to be intensely focused on the call at hand, but on Sidekick, you're not always staring at the screen.

Checkout this survey result from Sam Dennis at Mercury.
Won't it be distracting?
We'll just have to try it out and see, but they seem to have a lot of customers that really love it. If you need to be heads-down working, you can always skip the Coworking Session as well.
What Coworking Session times are we going to pick?
We'll start with Mon, Wed and Fri for a few hours. (Checkout Sidekick's best practices here.)
Do other teams like it?
Teams at great companies like Mercury, Coinbase, Brex love using Sidekick. Check out this case study from Mercury. They were 30% less lonely and got to know each other better as a team!
What do I do when I'm in a meeting?
There's a feature on Sidekick called Meeting Mode that mutes your Sidekick and shows everyone else that you're busy in a meeting. Click Meeting Mode if you have a call during a Coworking Session.

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