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Coworking Sessions

Teams schedule coworking sessions a couple times a week.

Teams turn on Sidekick during these coworking sessions — it's like virtual office time. Teammates can collaborate or simply hang out while working on their own tasks.

Strong relationships aren’t built in Slack.
Or the first 5 mins of your team's weekly meeting.

Because this usually looks like:
What’s going on with this project?
Any blockers?
Can you review this ASAP?
Can you do standup now?
What's the agenda for the 1pm?
How are you? (in 5 mins or less)

Relationships are built in organic conversations

We’re humans. We’re social. We laugh at tweets and memes that capture the moment. We groan at the news together.

We celebrate wins together. We pay more attention to each other, how we’re feeling, and naturally feel more invested in solving each other’s problems.

Why Sidekick feels like working side by side

A separate device feels natural
Working side by side only feels natural when you can see your teammates in the periphery - not staring at you like on a Zoom call.
Built to be routine
Coworking calls are often planned ad-hoc. Sidekick makes coworking a reliable practice for your team.

How Coworking Works


Set up sessions (we recommend Mon, Wed, Fri 2-5pm)

End of day is best since teams are winding down and hanging out.
Avoid times where everyone is in back-to-back meetings.
It's ok if some folks have a few meetings scheduled during Coworking.

Send a recurring calendar invite


Don’t make attendance or video mandatory

Asking your team about Sidekick?

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